Message From The Desk Of Chairman

Education is the basis of all progress. Progress is possible only, if men and women are equally well educated.” 

AVN is a vibrant and welcoming learning community, committed to creating the best possible educational experience for every child.We aim to enable all children to reach their full potential.

We have a talented, dedicated, caring staff, who works very hard to ensure that the abilities of the children in our care are nurtured and carefully developed. Our teachers and teaching assistants are experienced and work as a team to make the school a  very special place, every day, for every child.
And as the cliché goes, last but not least, I expect all my AVNites  to focus on their cherished goals and strive hard to accomplish them transcending mediocrity and procrastination. As I say.
“ Be the best or different from the rest”… The choice is yours! Best wishes for a very eventful and productive academic session!