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Techblitz 2K22 at MVN Aravali Hills

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At AVN, students learn that competition is about preparation, confidence and understanding   field they have to compete for.  Two students of class IX, Priyanshi Mittal and Aditya, participated in TECHBLITZ 2K22 in MVN Aravali Hills where their topic was ‘Weave the Web’. By using their knowledge, creativity and imagination, they created a web on the spot. Their wisdom and hard work helped them to win the third position in the tough competition.

It’s Indeed a proud moment for the entire School. Atharv and Kavya from III A, Sanchi (IV A) ,Sanjana (V B) and Parichay (VII C)  also participated and they have been given the participation certificates by MVN school.

The Principal, the Vice Principal and the teachers congratulated them for their commendable achievement.