Message From The Desk Of Principal

Dear Parent / Guardian
It gives me great pleasure as the Principal of AVN Sr. Sec. School, in extending to all our students, faculty and staff and our greater school community.
To my mind an educational institute is not just about bricks and concrete, but about building character, enriching minds and about varied experiences that last a lifetime.-…

AVN is a school dedicated to providing the best learning opportunities for each and every student. The School Council, Parents Association, and staff are committed to providing the environment and resources that will empower all our students with the skill and social competencies that will enable them to flourish as they grow up in this new century.
The curriculum is ever evolving and has a progressive outlook with an intellectual rigor, where a sound foundation of critical thinking and articulation is laid in an environment that encourages curiosity and discovery and all this as you have fun. Discipline, character building, self-confidence, alertness, independent thinking, decisiveness,  de corps are the qualities we lay emphasis on. The school provides the child with ample opportunities to develop these. Your support and encouragement to participate in the varied school activities will enable your ward to benefit from everything that the school offers.
Finally, I request you to join us in ensuring that the child’s concept of self should never be trampled upon. He/She should be allowed to dream the impossible dream, for, if there is no dream – how can it ever come true!