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AVN Sr. Sec. School has tied up with TATA – AIG for Group Insurance of all students whereby the students shall be provided with Group Insurance under Personal Accident Policy to cover the following benefits:

Reimbursement upto Rs. 1 Lac in case of permanent disability or death of the insured.


Accidental Medical Expenses upto Rs. 10,000 per incident for the insured, covering both inpatient hospitalization and OPD expenses. It includes services of a physician, hospital confinement and use of operating room, anesthetics, x-ray examinations or treatment, laboratory tests, ambulance charges, drugs and medicines etc.


Protection of fee payable upto Rs 1 Lacs for the remaining duration of the course in case of accidental death of the earning parent of the insured. In case both the parents of the student are earning, he/she would be required to declare through a sworn affidavit duly attested by the Notary Public the name of the first parent who is responsible for paying the fee of the insured. The benefit of protection of fee payable shall be given in the case of accidental death of such parent only.